Adele’s Album #4

On November 19, 2021, singer and songwriter Adele released her fourth studio album titled 30. The meaning behind 30 goes deeper than just the age she wrote the album, however, it also reflects the age that she married and left her ex-husband. When interviewed by VOGUE magazine she stated, “My entire life fell apart, and I had no warning of it.” It has been six … Continue reading Adele’s Album #4

An Evening with Silk Sonic

“Skate”, “Leave the Door Open”, and “Smoking out the Window” are some of the most world-renowned Silk Sonic songs. In 2021, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak formed the band known as Silk Sonic.   Together, they created funky music based on the styles that were popular in the 70’s. Their groovy tunes have been able to shape a new generation of music listeners.  Hayden Teeter … Continue reading An Evening with Silk Sonic

Hip Hop Holidays

Bryson Tiller is back but this time with a Christmas album. Popular rapper Bryson Tiller released his album “A Different Christmas” on November 19. The album consisted of covers of all of your favorite Christmas songs, including “Winter Wonderland” & “Be Mine This Christmas”. Rap fan Sebastian Naranjo ’23 really enjoyed the album. “My favorite song was ‘Winter Wonderland’,” said Naranjo. “I listen to it … Continue reading Hip Hop Holidays

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

A Christmas Story, Polar Express, Home Alone. Christmas is around the corner which means it’s time to dust off that old DVD player, throw in a disc, and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while watching a classic Christmas flick. Christmas movie enthusiast Ben Dutton ‘23, with great excitement, talked about his passion for the festive films. “They are the best. I love Christmas movies,” … Continue reading You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

Snowbirding for the Holidays

The term “snowbird” usually refers to people who seek warmer climates in the winter. Many King’s students make their ways down to the desert climate of Arizona during the holidays. Does that still mean the usual decorating, cookie baking, and Christmas celebrating for people traveling for the season? Jake O’Hearn ’22 is excited to travel to his house in Cave Creek, Arizona. “I really like … Continue reading Snowbirding for the Holidays

Festive Feasts

Turkey, ham, green beans, and mashed potatoes often make an appearance in homes around the United States during the holidays. Other countries across the world, however, celebrate with different holiday food traditions. Ashley Escoto ‘25 has some unique family traditions and foods which are celebrated in the Honduras culture. Tamales and Pupusas are an Escoto family favorite. Pupusas are tortillas that can be filled with … Continue reading Festive Feasts

Christmas Deliveries

A Christmas without presents? What could be worse?! Due to supply chain issues, gifts may be in delay. This raises concerns for many Americans. According to, a supply chain shortage is when companies lose supplies due to multiple different issues. Due to Covid 19 there was a lack of distribution from trucks and manufacturing companies.Historically, gifts have been a way to show love to … Continue reading Christmas Deliveries