Black Friday Bargains

TV’s, smart phones, VR headsets, and Laptops are all the hot ticket items this Black Friday, a day known for wild discounts on store items.Black Friday is coming up this November 25th. “My goal isn’t to see how much I’m spending but to see how much I’m saving,” said Noah Newton ’24, business enthusiast, on hunting his Black Friday deals. Black Friday is a national … Continue reading Black Friday Bargains

Cheesy Controversy

Steamy chewy noodles glisten, smeared with piping hot liquid cheese. Your mouth will melt at the thought of the tasty dish hitting your taste buds. Can this fan-favorite side work as an official side dish for the most food-centric holiday known as Thanksgiving? There is no doubt that every family has their own holiday practices and traditions, but when it comes to Thanksgiving, nothing has … Continue reading Cheesy Controversy

Fresh Fall Fits

As seasons change and fall arrives, other changes also come, including a change in wardrobe. As trends come and go and fashion evolves, everyone is wondering what’s in or out when it comes to style. Fall fashion tends to spike the popularity of neutral-colored clothing, and this year is no exception. Ally Keller ‘24 is a skilled observer of fashion trends. With beige, off-white, and … Continue reading Fresh Fall Fits

Turkey Bowl Traditions

From lasting memories to hospital visits, Thanksgiving football games have been a tradition for many generations. Benji Carr ‘23 and his family started doing a thanksgiving “Turkey Bowl” just a few years back and have already seen the pros and cons of the game. Injuries are always a threat for Turkey Bowl games but Carr’s family has been fortunate for a lack of hospital visits. … Continue reading Turkey Bowl Traditions

Road to the World Cup

Countries. Cheers. Stadiums. Energy. Victory. The world’s game is the FIFA World Cup. The World Cup happens every four years with a major global audience of 3.572 billion viewers. The 2022 World Cup springs into action on November 21st in Qatar. The World Cup showcases the top thirty-two national soccer teams and the most entertaining players in the world. The action will kick off with … Continue reading Road to the World Cup

Don’t Be Last

Fantasy football isn’t about winning anymore. Its about watching the loser pay the price. The staple of fantasy football is the yearly punishments. The winners typically go home with lots of money and the losers can go home with an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. According to CNN about 40 million people worldwide play fantasy football. Its also been called … Continue reading Don’t Be Last

New Year, New Lunch

“Come buy lunch!” says Miller Mann ‘23 as he enthusiastically promotes the new DECA-run lunch program. Before, snacks could only be bought in the student store, but recently, the Marketing class has been working to “partner with restaurants to provide students food now instead of cooking all the snacks ourselves,” said Mann.  According to Mr. Erick Streelman, Head of Schools, the reason the lunch menu … Continue reading New Year, New Lunch

Cooking with Culinary Arts

The mouth-watering smell of cinnamon rolls, pancakes, French toast, banana bread, and other delicious creations drift across campus. Tucked away in the corner of Schirmer, a group of students collaborate to create delicious breakfasts and savory lunches. Students laugh and joke over an assortment of foods they cook themselves. “I love cooking. Someone mentioned the idea of bringing the culinary arts class back, and I … Continue reading Cooking with Culinary Arts

Students Say Thanks

Autumn leaves fall down like puzzle pieces into place, and the comforting smell of pumpkin spice brings an all-consuming sense of gratefulness. This season, students of all ages share their love for the teachers they truly appreciate. “I’ve never really had a community of teachers really care a lot about their students, and I think it’s just great that they actually do care a lot,” … Continue reading Students Say Thanks